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harder.gifWith a full band in an ecclectic collection of styles.

Harderlyricsplay lo-rez
Life by Fearlyricsplay lo-rez
Make it Worklyricsplay lo-rez
Johnny on the Spotlyricsplay lo-rez
Something Morelyricsplay lo-rez
Hold Onlyricsplay lo-rez
Carry Me Overlyricsplay lo-rez
I Am Leaving Youlyricsplay lo-rez
Let it Flowlyricsplay lo-rez
Homelyricsplay lo-rez
She's the Bestlyricsplay lo-rez
Groovelyricsplay lo-rez
What's It Matter Nowlyricsplay lo-rez
Comin' on Stronglyricsplay lo-rez

Days Like This

Days2.GIFThe first CD, with just two voices and a guitar

Days Like Thislyricsplay lo-rez
Somethin' Morelyricsplay lo-rez
Skip'slyricsplay lo-rez
The Coffeehouselyricsplay lo-rez
Circles in the Skylyricsplay lo-rez
Turnin'lyricsplay lo-rez
Long Walk Homelyricsplay lo-rez
Fall Apartlyricsplay lo-rez
Closerlyricsplay lo-rez
Just for Youlyricsplay lo-rez
Michelangelolyricsplay lo-rez

SOFA--So Far

SoFar.gifSongwriter's of Faith Alliance--compilation disc with 3 andi and i songs and lots of spontaneous collaboration.

Make it Work -- andi and ilyricsplay lo-rez
I Am Leaving You -- andi and ilyricsplay lo-rez
Goodnight -- andi and iplay lo-rez
Is That You, Girl? -- Greenchobylyricsplay lo-rez
Beautiful Girl -- Bob Smietanalyricsplay lo-rez
Beautiful Golden Somewhere -- Andy Youngplay lo-rez
Techie Love -- Mark Hankinslyricsplay lo-rez
The Tie That Binds -- Charlotte Madilieneplay lo-rez
Little Light -- Greenchobylyricsplay lo-rez
You Just Never Know -- Mark Hankinslyricsplay lo-rez
Peeling the Onion -- Andy Youngplay lo-rez
Bread Rising -- Charlotte Madilieneplay lo-rez
A Reindeer's Lament -- Bob Smietanalyricsplay lo-rez
Wisdom -- Greenchobylyricsplay lo-rez
Center of My Soul -- Mark Hankinslyricsplay lo-rez
Now the Green Blade -- Charlotte Madilieneplay lo-rez
Grace -- Andy Youngplay lo-rez
Ragged Man -- Bob Smietanalyricsplay lo-rez
Canada -- Greenchobylyricsplay lo-rez

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